Important Note: AALTCN will be closing on Feb. 29, 2016. You must complete this course and all other courses within this program by Feb. 29, 2016, in order to receive your certification. If you complete your certification by then, your certification will be valid until Dec. 31, 2016. In 2017, you will be eligible to recertify as a Director of Nursing Services-Certified (DNS-CT) through the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS).

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Director of Nursing Certification Online Module I

Module I - Administration of the Nursing Department

The Director of Nursing in Long Term Care Certification Program is offered by the American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN). AALTCN is committed to advancing the specialty of long term care nursing and the nurses within this specialty. Certification is one important means of achieving this.

The four modules in the series for the Director of Nursing in Long Term Care Certification Program include:
  1. Administration of the Nursing Department
  2. Leading and Developing Nursing Staff
  3. Resident Care
  4. Creating a Safe, Caring Culture
You can take as much time as you'd like to complete each module and you can complete the modules in any sequence you'd like. Some of the content may be a review of what you know; some of it may introduce you to new concepts and offer different perspectives on fulfilling your responsibilities. After reviewing each module, you need to complete the test and mail the test answers on the form provided to AALTCN, along with the Registration Form and Evaluation. Upon achieving a test score of 80% or better, you will obtain 5 contact hours and documentation that you completed the module, and your completion of the module will be recorded in our records. After completing all four modules successfully, you will be certified and a certificate hours will be sent to you.

Experience alone doesn't guarantee that a nurse has the wide range of knowledge and skill required to competently function as a director of nursing. This is a major reason why it is important to engage in a structured study and evaluate knowledge through a test. Completing this process for certification places you among the leaders who are improving the status and quality of long term care nursing.

Requirements - To obtain the certification , nurses must:

  • Hold an active license as a registered nurse
  • Complete the four modules in any order (each module offers 5 contact hours)
  • Have at least 2 years experience as a RN in a nursing home
  • Pass the examination with a score of at least 80%

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.  This program offers 5 contact hours upon completion by the Maryland Nurses Association.  Contact hours for this program will be offered through 10/31/16.

The author, planners, reviewers, and presenters declare no conflict of interest.